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Welcome to the Fandomtastic Podcast! Steph and Ava team up to talk ships, shit, and steam, as well as to host author chats, explore holiday-themed episodes, and more!




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  • Here we go, Fandomtastic Fam! We're coming to talk about all things reading challenge 2023 related (aka giving epic recs!). Check them out here: 1. January: Daughter of the Forest by Juliet Marillier; The Maid and the Orcs 2. February: Seduce Me At Sunrise by Lisa Kleypas; Kingdom of Stars and Shadows 3. March: Fumbled […]
  • Today we're rounding up our November and December reads, so if you need any last-minute book recs to close out the year, THIS IS YOUR EPISODE 👀
  • Thank you all so much for your patience – the GLOW discussion with author extraordinaire Raven Kennedy is finally here! This episode does, of course, include spoilers for the Plated Prisoner series, so please keep that in mind as you're listening.

Meet The Hosts

HI I’M steph (she/her/hers)

I’m Stephanie, the editor of the Fandomtastic Podcast and the steam-obsessed, inappropriate commenter. But my talents also extend to making Marvel references wherever possible, being shocked at Ava’s age, exclaiming “Ma’am!” and shushing Ernie (who often co-signs).

HI I’M ava (she/her/hers)

I’m Ava, the script writer of the Fandomtastic Podcast. I’m the water-boy obsessed one who can’t help but make references to the ocean, large bodies of water, and anything…wet. If possible, I’d spend more time complaining about the Whole Foods parking lot, verbally sparring with the poltergeist that messes with my audio files, and arguing that Venom deserves to be in an Avengers movie.